Center for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering

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The VCU Center for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering (VCU-CERSE) brings together researchers, clinicians, rehabilitation specialists, and academicians from the VCU Schools of Medicine, Allied Health, Education and Engineering, as well as the Hunter Holmes Veterans Administration Medical Center and the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services to promote research, education, physical medicine and rehabilitation services, and clinical care for America's veterans, children and adults with disabilities. This site offers resources and initiatives aimed at improving the health, functional ability and quality of life of persons who experience a disability.

  • Training Program Helps Students With Autism Land Jobs
    VCU's Project SEARCH research has been featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal. more information
  • Military and Veterans Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation Network (MAVERICK).
    VCU has been awarded a $62 million federal grant to oversee a national research consortium of universities, hospitals and clinics. more information
  • Facilitating Employment for Youth with Autism: A Replication Study of an Internship Model to Identify Evidence Based Practices
    Paul Wehman, Ph.D. has received a 5 year, Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project (DRRP) on Facilitating Employment for Youth with Autism. more information
  • VCU Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Center (TBIMS)
    Drs. Kreutzer & Cifu awarded funding for the VCU Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Center (TBIMS) more information
  • CERSE Executive Director Merchant leads VCU node of major TBI study
    VCU is one of 11 institutions collaborating on a multi-center study to advance the understanding of traumatic brain injury and concussion, leading to more effective, patient-specific treatments. more information
  • CERSE Associate Director West elected to the CRCC Board
    CERSE Associate Director Steven L. West, Ph.D., CRC, will join the Board of Directors of the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) for a 3-year term beginning in July 2014. more information